I might be a little bias but I LOVE our photos. We do styled shoots to show how to wear our products, as well as product shots for the website and social media.  All the credit for these shoots goes to our amazing photographer Vanessa Soto! Her style is so unique and she comes up with the best ideas! Check out the interview below to get to know Vanessa a little better and see why we love her so much! <3

Boom: When did you start getting into Photography?

VS:I started getting into photography in high school. I started taking photos of my friends for their senior photos and I was apart of our high school year book.

Boom: What is your personal style? Photography wise & fashion

VS: Photography style: eek, I have no clue, I have a style but Idk what I would call it. I think it changes based on the subject. Personal style: this changes too, I would say eclectic, urban and chic. You can usually find me in black jeans and funky Boom jewelry!

Boom: Why did you get involved with Boomerang?

VS: I got involved with Boom (I think it was fate tbh!) I did a shoot using Boom products, gave the owner Felicia (super rad!) the images and then became the photographer for the shop! I think my style really fits with Boomerang’s style and mission. And Felicia and I really click!

Boom: What is your favorite Boomerang piece that you own?

VS: My watermelon shaped plastic bag and my fake septum ring!

Boom: What is your dream job?

VS: Working for Boom full time and to be a contributing photographer to fashion bloggers!

Vanessa Soto Photography

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