[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Summer is here! This season is all about having fun with your style, from patches on your clothes and bags, to bright and different accessories.

I just got back from a buying trip to LA and brought back tons of my favorite designer pieces from the West Coast. The online shop is packed with all the new finds. I found that a lot of the designers are doing over-sized flowy pieces, which I love to hide all those tacos I eat. 😉

Life is short and I want to have fun with my style and want others to have fun with their style too. Mix your prints, wear an ice cream cone handbag, a rainbow cooler bag, do what makes you happy! If you feel silly wearing those fun pieces a good rule of thumb is try to tie in similar colors (or color families) within each piece. When mixing patterns and accessories if you have one color that runs throughout each piece even its minimal it will pull the entire look together without looking too matchy matchy.

Have fun with your style ladies! #CarpeDiem



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