Styling yourself can sometimes feel overwhelming. But really you can transform a basic (super soft) cream top like the one pictured in so many ways, you could wear it everyday for a week and no one would notice!

The easiest way to style something is just by adding to the piece. Add layers to the top using jewelry and larger clothing pieces.  For this specific tee it would look really cute layered with a over-sized flannel on top (which is really trendy for the fall) or even your grandpa’s old denim button up shirt, or mix it up for the warmer seasons with a cut-off denim vest. If you want to still be girly when wearing the over-sized pieces, layer a few statement necklaces and bracelets to add that touch of girly and style to the outfit.

Most tops you can switch out black leggings and skinny jeans and make the outfit look great. Depending on the season you can also do denim shorts as well. This year distressed denim is very in, the more beat up and worn it looks, the better! Whether it be in bottoms or tops.

So take any “basic” top and mix it up with the bottoms you pair it with and how you layer it! You got this!




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