I have talked before about how here at Boom I have a relationship with all of my vendors. Whether they are local or national. Well Aubrey the owner and creator of Silver Linings based here in Indianapolis is no exception! I immediately fell in love with her pieces and had to carry them in store. It has been fun to see her grow her business and all the new designs she has created in the two years I have carried her in store. Check out my interview with Aubrey below and be sure to check out her amazing work!

Felicia: How did you get started making jewelry?

Aubrey: I’ve collected beads my entire life. About 10 years ago while at our family Cabin, I picked up a pair of fishing pliers and thought “I want to make some jewelry!” So I went into town and picked up a few supplies and slowly taught myself, evolving over the years. Two years ago I decided it was time to get serious about my jewelry, so I started my business and began taking classes at the Indianapolis Art Center. It’s so fascinating when you realize how many different techniques there are. One of my philosophies is to always be learning and always be growing in my journey, and with it in mind, I continue to take classes to learn all I can!

Felicia: What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever made?

Aubrey: My favorite piece I’ve ever made was with a raw amethyst chunk, hammered metal, dragonsblood crystals and some artistic design thrown into it. It was a piece as an artist which is so satisfying – when you have your mind set on creating something one way and when you sit down to make it, the piece speaks to you throughout the process and morphs a few times until you reach a wonderful ending that you never even conceived before. (Piece Pictured)

Felicia: Where do you get your inspiration?

Aubrey: I draw inspiration from all around me in nature and artwork, but mostly from the crystals I work with. Some crystals have a beauty which speaks for themselves, others have a story yearning to be told, still more have a magic beckoning only for you and all are waiting to bring their radiant energy into your life. I work to accent each gem to bring a cohesive design, handmade with love for its new owner.

Felicia: What’s your favorite part about being an artist?

Aubrey: All the people I get to meet. I have met so many fabulous creators, makers, movers, shakers, artists, musicians, hustlers and all around amazing people. Indianapolis has some serious talent and I’m so lucky to be able to meet those souls, hustlin’ to share their passion with others.

Felicia: What are your future goals for your company?

Aubrey: I would love to have my own studio where my customers can shop my wares in person.




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