Huge Thanks You to Sierra Holmes of Eclectic Kurves for being featured in our blog this week!

Boom: What is your favorite thing about Boomerang BTQ?

Sierra: She (Felicia) pushes the boundaries of the definition of style, she’s local, and she pushes people out of their comfort zone of style.

Boom: Favorite Find?

Sierra: The funky handbags, they are very eclectic and speak to my personality.

Boom: Something you wish you could change about Indianapolis Fashion?

Sierra: The stigma that we all have to look alike, and in general in the Midwest people don’t push boundaries. They don’t mix prints and its really hard to find pieces that make you stand out in Indianapolis from a curvy stand point.  In Indy you see a lot of over-sized tunics and elastic waste pants nothing that really fits personalities.

Boom: Something you love about Indy Fashion/Community?

Sierra: I am apart of the Indy Blog Society. Everyone is so supportive. They are always down to collab and its very much a family atmosphere.

Boom: Why you decided to blog?

Sierra: I always loved fashion, I worked for years in retail apparel and would have customers come in and tell me how customers loved my style and how they wanted me to go personal shopping with them. Being curvy and going shopping and I couldn’t find items that fit my personality without going to 4-5 different stores.  Seeing women struggle to find clothes because they felt like they were in a box because of their size made me want to talk about it.

Boom: Peoples response to your blog? Good or Bad?

Sierra: Good! Overwhelmingly good. A lot of people message or email and say that i helped them gain confidence and they feel like they can be comfortable in their bodies.  It feels great to know you’re making a difference in peoples lives.

Boom: How do you crush the haters?

Sierra: I kill them kindness. What someone thinks about me doesn’t change how i feel about myself. I didn’t make this blog to please everyone. I don’t give them any energy and as long as i felt good in my shots that’s what matters.

Boom: Whats Next? Any ventures our customers can watch out for.

Sierra: I will be a contributing writer for Love You magazine for the blog and the actual magazine.  The magazine is free right now, so its a great time to get on board! I’ll be posting about body positivity, styling, and women empowerment.

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Featured Blog Photo: Sierra Styles Our “Logo Tee” with Ashely Tipton Jeans, Bright Red Flats, Our French Fry Earrings and our Black Lace Kimono and our black envelope clutch.

Sierra’s Boomerang BTQ Favorites!

Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun Tumbler and Notepad

Mint Green Soft Necklace

Sunglasses Logo Canvas Sleeve Bag*

Pivot Couch Print*

SHH! Lipstick/Lips Pillow*

Plastic Lipstick Purse

Liquid Sarcasm Pop Can Purse*

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