Are you like a lot of people and find it hard to find and define your own personal style? That’s ok! I have always been just a little out there in my style and taste, and I like it! To me there are no “rules” in fashion. Take all the rules your Grandma taught you about “no white after labor day” and “no florals in the winter” and throw those out the window.

Fashion & personal style is another way to express yourself and you don’t need to define it.  If someone asks me to define my style, I’d say “on what day?” because it changes frequently. It’s okay to one day be a total hipster wearing ripped denim shorts with a flannel and big glasses, and the next day be bohemian in a flowy dress and kimono with a flower crown headband!

The only rule with defining your style is make sure you are happy and feel good in whatever you are wearing! Mix those prints, wear a unicorn purse, do what makes you feel good, love yourself and your style!



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