Did you promise yourself to get back in the gym in 2017?! Working out can be stressful, luckily we have the items you MUST have to get you through your workout! We also added an easy energy bites recipe at the bottom of this post!
 Stay positive while at the gym with one of our Felicia Tee’s. This quote will keep you motivated through that last 2 minute sprint on the treadmill! It goes perfect with your workout leggings and can be paired with jeans on your off days!
Keep it fun and pressure free with this adorable tote. This is the perfect size for your gym shoes, towel and headphones. And we won’t tell if you sneak a slice after the gym!
Need an alternative to those boring water bottles? This cup is great for energy drinks and water in and out of the gym. Stay stylish and keep your drinks cold with this Ban.do cup!
Long Hair, Don’t Care? Not exactly. Keep your hair out of your face with one of our cute headbands. This is stylish and fun and can also be used on your days away from the gym!
And remember keep your workout fun and stay positive! YOU GOT THIS! 🙂 <3
PSSST: Heres a yummy treat to keep you energized throughout the day!
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