Happy Wednesday Boom Fans! This week I am going to talk a little bit about one of the hottest trend right now, which is metals. Whether it be gold, silver, brass, copper, rose gold… metals are trending. You are going to see a huge influence in metals into our everyday fashion and style from clothes, accessories and home decor.

Accessories are an easy way to incorporate this trend because you can just wear some super cute stud earrings or necklaces in the metals. A pair of earrings with half metal, half wood is a good way to incorporate the trend but not feel like you are over doing it. Metal paired with other natural materials always look great together.

This takes us into home decor. From coasters, to knick-knacks to signs the metals can be used in so many different ways. Like the accessories pairing the metals with other natural materials such a white marble or wood is beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

When it comes to clothing it doesn’t necessarily have to be the actual metal on the piece but just using a hint of the color in the garment or even detail pieces like studs on the shoulders or zippers works great!

As always have fun with your style and play with what is trending and incorporate the trend how it works for you and what feels comfortable! Shop all our trending metal looks HERE!



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