This week we are featuring another maker we carry in store! Stephanie Holaday from GirlyThings73 makes fun girly pieces of jewelry from earrings, rings, & necklaces. I have carried Stephanie’s pieces in store for a little over two years now. The thing that drew me to GirlyThings73 was the simplicity of the pieces and a lot of them are sparkly, which you can never go wrong with sparkles! Not only is the jewelry beautiful but Stephanie herself is such a fun and genuine person. I love bringing vendors on board who not only sell cool stuff but are cool people! Check out my interview with Stephanie below and stop in Boomerang BTQ to pick up some of her pieces!

Felicia: How did you get started making jewelry?

Stephanie: I started out by making things for myself and my daughter about 6-7 years ago. I wanted to be able to customize and put my own spin on pieces. I would get compliments on my pieces when I would be out and thought that maybe I could make jewelry for everyone?

Felicia: What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever made?

Stephanie: That’s a tough one, I would probably say the painted wooden pieces like the hexagon necklaces and little half-painted circle earrings. I like the bright colors and geometric designs.

Felicia: Where do you get your inspiration?

Stephanie: Inspiration is everywhere, from social media to home décor. I’ve also found color combinations by looking at loose items in my purse. I emptied it thought “that green pen looks good with that aqua EOS lip balm.”

Felicia: What’s your favorite part about being an artist?

Stephanie: The best part by far is people loving what you do. When someone tells me that they wear a piece all the time and how happy it makes them – there is no greater feeling.

Felicia: What are your future goals for your company?

Stephanie: I would love to grow my online / social media business. I love connecting with people from all over.

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