Every single piece in store in hand picked by me. A lot of love, time and consideration goes into every choice of which items I choose to carry. I take a lot of time to look at the details of items and make sure the item is not only trendy and fun but high quality as well.  All of our new clothing arrivals show that attention to detail. I take the time to go out to LA and New York to meet with the designers and feel the quality of the fabrics they use. In between trips I do order items online. Our newest arrivals we just got in for winter are not just your typical knit sweater or cardigan. The cardigans have lace details and fringe. The sweaters are knit with care and feature stitching that changes direction on the cuffs to add something just a little different. One of the newest cardigans features a dolman sleeve that you aren’t going to see just anywhere.

We add several detail pics with all our items for sale online so you can see the detail for yourself before purchasing. If you ever have questions about where the items come from, what they are made of, or how they are made, don’t hesitate to ask! I take pride in carrying special pieces with lots of fun details you aren’t going to find just anywhere!

Have fun shopping and don’t forget about the details!



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