Happy Wednesday! We live in a world with a lot of hurt and anger. It has always been my goal since day one of opening Boomerang, to spread joy. From the items I sell in store, to the music I play, to the words I speak, my goal is to make you feel better when you walk out our doors, then you did when you walked in.

At Boomerang we have a lot of bright colored, fun items that will bring a smile to your face! “Things” shouldn’t be our main source of happiness but it sure helps when you see something bright and cheerful that makes you chuckle. One of our favorite items in store right now is by Indiana native, Erin Barrett and her “BElieve THEre is GOOD in the world.” wood sign. The “Be The Good” stands out reminding us we can make a difference. If we remember to smile more and maybe give a compliment to someone here and there we could turn someones bad day around!

Thank you all for making me smile daily and continuing to allow me to live out my dream. I want to continue to spread joy with everyone I talk to and the fun things I carry in store!

Don’t forget to Be The Good today!



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