Here at Boomerang every single item in store is hand-picked by me! Whether it is home decor, accessories, clothes… local or a national product, I specifically pick every piece that makes it onto our shelves! We have over 50 handmade and local artists in store and I also travel the country to meet with and discover new designers.  Every designer/artist we carry in store I have either met in person, been to their studio or spoke with them. I take pride in the fact that I work really hard to bring you all only the best and most unique pieces!

Some of my favorite pieces right are of course my own t-shirt & pillow line! 😉 It’s almost fall and blanket scarves are a must have. is another one of my favs right now. They are based out of LA and we carry their bags, tumblers, and journals! Such a fine vibe & great colors! Our Celebrity Prayer Candles are pretty hilarious as well and come to us from a fun couple in Kansas.  There are so many great finds in store and online so be sure to check out our new stock weekly!!

Remember when you are looking for a gift or just something for yourself, every piece in Boomerang was hand-picked with love! <3



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