It is still pretty warm in most of the country but fall fashion is here! This season is all about texture and warm colors. Denim and flannel are always huge for fall, and of course layering. You can wear your favorite top or cardigan several days in a row without anyone noticing if you do it right!

The colors for fall are rich, warm colors like maroon, navy, hunter green, and any of the neutral beige colors. Must-haves are a good denim dress, an old vintage flannel, and a big cozy blanket scarf! You can wear all three together or piece them with other outfits. As always have fun with your fashion and wear what makes you comfortable. The good thing about fall this season is over-sized pieces are trending! You can go eat those tacos you want for lunch in your over-sized tee or dress and still feel good in your clothes after! 😉

Wear any fall outfit with a big floppy hat or cozy beanie to top off the look. Pairing stones and metals together are trending right now as far as accessories. So when you slip on your denim dress throw on a long hand-cut stone necklace to finish off the look! (We have several available in store, or message to have one shipped!)

Have fun with your style and love yourself!! Happy Fall Ya’ll!




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