At Boomerang we pride ourselves in empowerment and inclusion for all people, we embrace the flaws and the fear that girls see in themselves and we turn that into confidence and love. We want everyone that comes in contact with Boomerang to feel wanted, welcomed, confident, loved and powerful. We show this to you, our customers and friends, by using different models every photoshoot. We use woman of different shapes, sizes, heights, colors and more. We want them to have fun at our photoshoots and feel beautiful.

For our last photoshoot we wanted someone with spunk, love and a drive for life – we wanted Mickey Deputy. Mickey has an incredible story, she has fought leukemia, open heart surgery and has recently gone through a weight loss transformation. Mickey has always dreamed of being a model, and she was able to live out her dream by helping us model our new arrivals. She was excited to show us her model moves and love for live, and we were excited to see how beautiful and happy she looked in our new arrivals. Despite Mickeys trials, she still has a love for live, she is still chasing her dreams and has a loving family that supports her through it all. Mickey is a true inspiration and she embodies everything that Boomerang stands for and what our Felicia Tees ‘Fight Like A Girl’ tee stands for as well. Click links to shop Mickey’s looks below!

XOXO – Boom Team

 Ivory Floral Knotted Top! 

 Blush Babydoll Top!

 Silky Chiffon Floral Kimono!

 American Flag Top!




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